What affects the shipping price?

From the size of your shipment to the distance it has to travel – there are a number of different factors that affect the shipping price. It can seem complex, but through understanding these factors and other charges that might apply, you'll get a clearer picture as to how your shipment costs are calculated.

What are the main factors that affect the shipping price?

Size, weight, speed and distance. So if the package is large, heavy and has far to travel, it will cost more to ship.

Dimensional weight is also a factor and refers to the package’s density, which is the amount of space it occupies in relation to its actual weight.

The price also depends on the service you choose.

What about surcharges?

It’s important to be aware of surcharges and which ones apply to your shipment. These are additional costs added to the stated price. Fuel surcharges are the most common and cover the fluctuating price of oil.

Are there any other charges?

Extra charges may be added if the shipment requires more paperwork, effort or time. You could get charged extra for non-stackable shipments, a wrong address or delivery to a remote area.

Any shipment that poses a risk to somebody or other shipments will also incur additional charges. In short, anything that falls outside standard shipping and handling will affect the shipping price.

How can I avoid additional charges?

Make sure your shipping information is correct and complies with shipping regulations.

And before shipping, it’s also worth checking which surcharges and additional charges apply with your preferred carrier.

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