What is an EORI number?

'EORI number' is short for 'Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number' and is a system of unique identification numbers used by customs authorities throughout the European Union. Find out why you might need an EORI number and how you can get one.

What is an EORI number used for?

It’s used by customs and other authorities to monitor and track shipments coming into and out of the European Union.

Do I need one?

To trade internationally, a business or individual based in the EU needs to have an EORI number. If your business operates in multiple EU countries, you’ll need to have this number for each country.

Where do I get one?

Go to your country’s customs website and register for one online. It normally takes around three days for this number to be issued, so it’s best to apply a few weeks before shipping.

Where do I include the EORI number ?

If you’re trading with a European company, you need to include their EORI number on the commercial invoice.

Anything else I need to bear in mind?

Whenever you’re shipping to the EU, make sure you have this number for the country you’re shipping to.

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