How to label a package

Labels help your shipment get to its destination — and provide the handling information it requires along the way. Using the wrong label or a damaged one could result your package being delayed. Find out how to label both a standard package and an awkwardly shaped item like a tube or bucket.

What materials do I need?

Plastic tape and two packaging labels.

How do I label a standard package?

  1. Put one label inside the package. This way your shipping carrier can still deliver the package if the outer label falls off.
  2. Then seal the package using the H-taping method.
  3. Attach the second label to the outside of the package. Make sure you don’t cover any part of the label. It shouldn’t be hidden under tape or placed over corners or seams.

How do I label something like a tube or bucket?

For these types of items, make sure the label is on the largest flat side. It’s important to put the label somewhere where it’s clearly visible and won’t easily come off.  

After labelling the package, double check it’s secure.

Shipping requirements and documentation may vary between carriers. This website is designed to provide general information related to shipping. If you’re unsure of the shipping requirements that apply to you, check with your carrier.

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