How to ship fragile items

To ship fragile items, you need to take extra care packing your goods. Whether it’s artwork, antiques or electrical equipment – making sure they’re properly wrapped and marked will reduce the risk of damage during transportation. Find out what packing materials you need and how to pack the items correctly. 

What’s considered fragile?

Items that need special care and attention during shipping. These items include musical instruments, glass bottles and antiques.

What type of packing materials do I need?

A sturdy, rigid box. Make sure the box isn’t too small or too big – it needs just enough room for extra padding. You’ll also need plastic tape, a shipping label and bubble wrap for wrapping the item.

How do I pack the fragile item?

  1. Wrap the item carefully with a thin sheet of bubble wrap for extra protection.
  2. Make sure there’s no empty spaces left inside the box by filling any gaps with additional padding – the wrapped item should fit tightly inside the box.
  3. Add an additional address label inside the package. This is in case the outer label falls off.

How do I seal the box?

To provide extra protection and ensure all the flaps of the box are sealed, use the H-taping method – this means taping the box in an ‘H’ shape. That way each seam of the box is covered.

Last steps?

Finally, label the box. Make sure you don’t place the label around the corner of the box or on the bottom. Highlight that the shipment is fragile by clearly marking the box.

Shipping requirements and documentation may vary between carriers. This website is designed to provide general information related to shipping. If you’re unsure of the shipping requirements that apply to you, check with your carrier.

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